A word from the experts

The word from the experts is a series of professional texts by psychology professor Višnja Majsec Sobota with the aim of sending motivational messages.

The author has been thinking many years about writing a professional book in the field of professional rehabilitation and employment of people with disabilities, however, so far she has lacked continuous free time (university professors do not get a free study year for no reason).

As the author has a lot of professional texts, projects, as well as professional and scientific papers, which were created, published and presented during her forty years of work experience, it would be enough to write at least one manual (compendium).

"When the first corona crisis started in the spring, and then the pandemic, after that the earthquake in Zagreb, when we locked ourselves in, I was in daily supportive, motivating contacts (email and phone) with my colleagues to keep each other above water". At one point, I felt a strong need to get out of those frames and turn to those I don’t know directly, to whom my written word might be helpful. And so it started on March 26, 2020… Our dear IN portal, as well as our URIHO website, have become my new window that was open to known and unknown readers ", says Ms. Majsec Sobota.

Her texts are a combination of simple explanation and connection of psychological concepts with the actualities of life, personal thoughts and above all, wherever possible, sending motivational messages because motivation is the most important part of our lives.

Writing is also a kind of writing therapy (so-called expressive writing), which helps to cope with modern challenges.

When the earthquake on Banija occurred on December 29. 2020, the author's written words almost dried up for a short time. It was a strong traumatic event for her, from which she gradually rose, but the desire to continue to be helpful overcame her fear of natural disasters.